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Learn about a audio-spectral universe intertwining cinematography and sound through a live experience.



Visual arts meet sound

Str8nger combines the universe of 3D, cinema and audio-spectral engineering in a live setting. The universe of Str8nger takes place in a alternate universe where he travels throughout the universe to express his love for music and brings the audience on a journey with lasers and visuals to make you feels like you are in the future.


Sound design

Str8nger creates his sound and universe through manipulation of sound and creation of audio waves, Having developed microphones and keyboards Str8nger brings you through a process of creation. 



Str8nger connects with his fans and is approchable as an artist. a experienced philosopher in the music realm, str8nger shares his experiences and knowledge with everyone and is always on top of new innovation bringing Visuals / Sound.

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